104 All Events Flap….eS or S?

Occoneechee Lodge 104 recently issued an “All Events” flap to 66 of its members that paid for all of the year’s events at or before the Lodge’s 2014 Pow-Wow. This piece is unique as it also includes a second patch that is attached to the flap with a snap. The “wheel” patch has all of the 4 major events for 2014 and spins to the correct event through a cutout in the flap. Some call the flap an “eS” issue and some say it is an “S.” There are arguments for both sides however this editor’s take is that it is an “eS.”

2014 eS2014-3

Why? Here’s why…. Both pieces are made to be issued as one piece snapped together. The wheel patch is definitely an “eR” since it has all of the evils on it…date and event names although they are abbreviated due to the size of the wheel. The flap has “All Events” ghosted on it and an arrow with “Today’s Event” pointing to the corresponding event on the wheel that shows through the flap opening. Therefore, it is listed in A Patch Collector’s Guide To Occoneechee Lodge 104 as an eS2014-3.

2014 Event Wheel WHT Bk 2014 Event Wheel BLK Back

The 66 members received one of the sets for free and were allowed to purchase a second, which by the way all 66 did! For those that care to collect different backings, it was discovered that 10 of the eR’s had a white backing and the remaining 135 had a black backing. The remaining sets were put into the Lodge’s patch auction collection for future auction. I’d bet we have more that purchase the “All Events” pass next year!

The new 104 Eagle Scout flap was also issued at Spring Inductions. It was a hot commodity at the event and may be purchased by anyone at the new Lodge Web Trading Post. Visit the online Trading Post at: http://shop.lodge104.net/

S106 Eagle Scout

More patch news coming soon pertaining to the Lodge’s Trade-O-Ree August 22-23, 2014 at Camp Durant. If you need info on renting tables or a cabin, contact me at: ggrimes104@embarqmai.com You do not want to miss this TOR….I promise!!!

Submitted by Lodge Editor Greg Grimes
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I would call the “all events” flap an eS issue, too, for a simple reason. The flap says “All Events” right on it.

John Pannell - May 30, 2014

Correction to my email addy: ggrimes104@embarqmail.com

Greg Grimes - May 31, 2014