2014 1st QuarterThere is not much activity in the way of patches as of this date so I thought I would give you the forecast of patches to come in the first quarter of 2014. The newest Occoneechee Lodge 104 patches will be issued at Pow-Wow in March 2014. They are as follows:

Pow Wow – Ordeal event patch, and

Blue Monochromatic CSP odd shape, and

2- NOAC 2015 / 100th Anniversary of the OA Fundraiser flaps (BLK Bdr & RMY Bdr), and

S-104 special design flap to commemorate the 104th flap of the Lodge, and

Abstract Patch….more on this later. We’re pretty tight lipped about it right now J

April 2014 brings SR-7B Conclave and the issuance of the conclave flap. The conclave flap could potentially be issued in March it all just depends on the new patch feeding frenzy Pow-Wow weekend.

The Lodge’s Executive Committee meets later this month to hold a business meeting. It is rumored that the Patch Committee has a new program proposal that includes a patch. I’ll report more on this next month after the LEC meeting.

Submitted By Lodge Editor Greg Grimes
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104’s already had more than 104 flaps. There are a bunch of F issues as well as all the solids, and wovens, too!

John Pannell - January 7, 2014

Guess I should have said to commemorate the issuance of the 104th SOLID flap. My bad. Thanks for the correction John.

Greg Grimes - January 26, 2014