2014 Cardinal Conclave Memorabilia Preorder Live

One of the unique ways that SR-7B makes the budget for its conclave is by running an online preorder system.  The beauty of this is that you don't even have to be attending to complete an order.  You have to make arrangements for someone in your lodge to pick it up - but if you want to buy it they will sell it to you!  I'm one of those people trapped with the Dixie Fellowship being on the same weekend so for the 2nd year in a row I can't attend the Cardinal Conclave (I'm on host lodge staff at the Dixie).  So I took advantage of the online preorder to secure the items I wanted and you can too by visiting 2014 SR-7B Cardinal Conclave Registration.

So what can you get?  Well I pulled some screen captures off the website to show you what's available.  We all know there are some patches that are only for sale at the Conclave but this is what is on the preorder.

2014 Conclave items_Page_1

2014 Conclave delegate patch_Page_2

2014 Conclave items_Page_2

2014 Conclave items_Page_3

2014 Conclave delegate patch_Page_4

2014 Conclave delegate patch_Page_4

2014 Conclave items_Page_5

2014 Conclave delegate patch_Page_3

Submitted by Webmaster Jason Spangler
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I want to also mention that SR-7B has a recent tradition of not revealing the full color version of the conclave emblem until the event. So YES the version here is pretty ugly but rest assured the one actually issued will be much better. They had an unfortunate incident a few years ago and decided to keep a lid on the actual full color design until the event.

Jason Spangler - February 1, 2014