2014 Dixie Fellowship Proposal

2014 dixie preorder itemsThe November Council of Chiefs meeting has come and gone which means that plans are really finalized for the 2014 Dixie Fellowship to be held at Camp Coker and hosted by Santee Lodge 116.  For memorabilia collectors this Dixie is going to be pretty typical as far as the items that will be issued.  It looks like the ghost patch and staff neckerchief that have come around the last few years are here to stay.  The chart I have included shows the number of each item budgeted and the cost per item in the second column.  Just to save you from doing math I can tell you that the Dixie budget on memorabilia produces over $30,000 that is then plowed into the program for the event.  If you are keeping up with the the price of going to the event as a delegate and ordering just 1 of each preorder item (not including staff pieces) then the grand total is $188.25.

When and Where

The 2014 SR- 5 Dixie Fellowship will be held on the weekend of April 25-27, 2014 at Camp Coker in Society Hill, SC.


In 201 4, the Section theme will be “United in a Life of Cheerful Service.” This theme was chosen to keep in line with the theme from the previous NOAC 2012 “United, We Leave a Legacy.” The theme was also chosen in hopes to prepare for the 100th Anniversary of the Order of the Arrow in 2015.


The delegate fee for this year’s Dixie Fellowship will be $34 per delegate. The fee includes camp usage fee, all meals, programs, delegate patch, BSA Insurance and participation pin.

You can view the entire Dixie proposal on the Section SR-5 Website

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