2015 MSU Delegate Set Released

Croatan Lodge will be sending a large delegation to the 2015 NOAC at Michigan State University. We will celebrate our heritage by incorporating many themes from Lodge Patches from the past. This will be a 5 piece set which will include a Center Patch and an East Carolina Council CSP. One unique aspect of the set is that one flap appears to be upside down Of course this patch comes from our Snow Traders, but the unique thing is the Deer that is Right Side Up. He just can't understand why his whole world is upside down. The Big Eyes are from the 2003 Conclave Flaps in which a farmer was trying to Milk the Deer. There will be 500 sets available and will not be distributed until NOAC to all the delegates. However, there will be 200 Traders (Bottom Piece) sold to delegates at the Conclave.


Submitted by Wayne Miller, Croatan Lodge Patch Advisor
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Why does it say Croatian. As in “Croatia”
The county or is that a name particular to Scoating/OA
Or council or area in the USA

jerry Roden - April 11, 2015

Croatan is the name of an eastern North Carolina Indian tribe from the days of first contact with the English.

Jason Spangler - April 13, 2015

The CROATAN 117 NOAC Centennial Set is absolutely amazing!!!
CROATAN your Patch Designer deserves a lot of credit for such a great Design.

Todd - April 12, 2015