2016 Activity Set For Santee 116 Is Approved

For the 4th year in a row Santee Lodge 116 will have an activity patch set for the upcoming 2016 year.  Paxton Roberts had his design approved at the recent fellowship with the first patch coming out in January for Winter Banquet.

The set features some familiar parakeets and pulls on a lot of Santee tradition.  The arrowhead is probably the most common shape used for fellowship patches.  In this design Paxton has also included the names of all four chapters.  The most interesting new twist is there is a Work Day patch that creates the inner ring pulling all the patches together.  The lodge has only produced memorabilia for OA Work Day (typically the first Saturday in June) a few times.  The center piece of the design is OA Week which is appropriate as this is the highlight of the lodge year.



Shared thanks to Paxton Roberts 2015-16 Ceremonial Vice-Chief


I would love to own a couple for my collection please

Roy Mullins - November 9, 2015

The patches will likely be issued at each event and they are spread out through the year starting in January with the Winter Banquet. This set has not been produced yet.

Jason Spangler - November 9, 2015