A Patch Collectors Guide To Santee Lodge 116


Download the free PDF: A Patch Collectors Guide To Santee Lodge 116 (35 pages in color)

In the post  Blue Book era of OA collecting the trend I see in the hobby is for dedicated lodge historians to publish their own lodge memorabilia books.  I first published this book in 2008 and followed it up a few years later with an update.  However, it's been nearly a decade since then.  I never would have finished this project without bringing on board my co-author Nathan Kohler.

During this project Nathan’s efforts made the 3rd Edition the most complete compilation of the memorabilia of the lodge ever assembled. He challenged some long held beliefs, asked pointed questions and help document (for the first time!) the exact order of prototypes and fakes. His probing also led to some new discoveries of Chicora Chapter sponsored event patches. I hope that at least 1/decade a youth with the same level of passion for the lodge history and it’s memorabilia will come through. I truly feel like the torch has been passed in many regards.

We want to thank the many people who have helped keep the history of Santee Lodge 116 over the years. That fact that 99% of our memorabilia can be attributed to the original designer is a sign of how devoted some Santee Lodge brothers have been to preserving this knowledge and passing it down. I personally want to thank my co-author Nathan Kohler for joining that circle of lodge historians who also were cloth hounds.

Nathan and I agree that the last sections of the books covering Prototypes and Fakes are included to preserve the history and not to insinuate that they should be on anybody's checklist.  We are going to put out a companion spreadsheet format checklist for this book and it won't include those issues.  In many cases those items were 1 offs, burned in a fireplace, or have questionable origins and we want to discourage people from making and pursuing those types of issues.

If you have any corrections to the 3rd Edition please send them to Jason Spangler.  We will do a yearly update of the book hopefully in time for Winter Banquet in early January.