Atta Kulla Kulla Belt Buckles through the years

Atta Kulla Kulla has issued several belt buckles over the years. The first belt buckle came out in the early 70’s and had a brassy appearance. This simple belt buckle said ATTA KULLA KULLA on the top and bottom with an arrow in the middle. This design was made popular by the National OA office at the time. Many other lodges chose the same style and customized it with their own names.


The second belt buckle was announced and approved at the 1991 Winter Banquet. Even though these belt buckles were not intended to be a special order, each one did come out slightly different because they were individually handmade. Each belt buckle has the lodge totem, the whippoorwill bird and lodge name. These buckles, as with the first belt buckle, had a brassy finish. As a special award at the 1991 banquet, specialized buckles were presented to our officers and advisers for 1990 and for officers for 1991. This continued at the 1992 and 1993 Lodge Banquets in giving specialized buckles to the lodge officers. However, members could order these for use in the lodge. On several occasions, the buckles would come back with a smaller shape than the original size. The Lodge ECM approved the sale and use of these smaller version buckles through the years.

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In late 2013, Atta Kulla Kulla Lodge began with what our lodge refers to as the 185 Store, making available some of our lodge memorabilia. The first memorabilia to sell at the store was 2 newly designed belt buckles. The first was a pewter belt buckle and the second was a brass buckle. Just 100 belt buckles were ordered and were available at the 2014 Winter Banquet.


In early 2014, several special belt buckles were made as fund raisers for lodge and NOAC 2015. These belt buckles were based upon the design of those sold in late 2013. However, these had a “gold” appearance in the lettering and bird, with chrome plating on the remaining part of the belt buckle. At the present, four of these polished belt buckles were auctioned at our annual Patch/Memorabilia sale during the 2014 Spring Fellowship at Camp Old Indian. More will be sold at the upcoming Fall Fellowship later this year.

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Submitted by Lodge Editor David Hollar
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David, do you have contact information for the vendor that created the current buckles? They look great, and I see some possibilities for my own lodge.

Robert Mathis - June 27, 2014