Bob White Lodge 87 Gu Que Flap Series

bob white flapIn 2011, Bob White Lodge #87 (Georgia-Carolina Council) issued a commemorative flap to recognize the important dates in the lodge's cabin. The series of 4 flaps (issued in ghost bronze, silver, and gold) also served as a fundraiser for Bob White as it relocated the 200-year old structure. There was also a flap of the same design produced in smaller quantities (in ghost black) that served as a thank-you to Arrowmen who provided valuable service in the deconstruction of parts of the cabin before relocation such as roof and chimney.

The flap's single-color design identifies the lodge as Bob White 87 along with the phrase "Preserving The Traditions". Also included are the WWW, Fleur de Lis, and the OA's arrowhead logo. It also highlights the following important years in the history of the cabin and the Order of the Arrow: 1813, 1915, 1936, 1938, 1969, and 2011.

The structure was built in 1813 and has served as lodge "headquarters" since 1938 (it was donated to Bob White Lodge in 1936). The 1915 refers to the founding of the Order of Arrow.

In 1969, the building was moved to Camp Linwood Hayne, and in 2011 was moved for a third time to Knox Scout Reservation. The cabin is known as "Gu Que" which tradition says is Cherokee for quail the totem for Bob White Lodge. It's also known as Rivers Lodge, named for the family that donated the cabin in 1936.


Submitted by Lodge Editor Reed Miller
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Enjoyed reading your article! It lead me to go to Bob White Lodge’s website and look at pictures of the cabin.

Rick Horne - January 31, 2014

this is one of the few sets I am looking for from your Lodge do you have any leads as to where I may trade/purchase some or all?

thanks for the great first article!

Jeff Cook

Jeffrey Cook - January 31, 2014