Catawba Brings Back The Vigil Flap

Some of you may know that in December of 2016 the National OA lifted their ban on lodges issuing flaps to recognize different levels of membership in the Order. While it's strongly discouraged (I think that's the language) there is no longer a prohibition. Many lodges in the Carolinas had Ordeal-Brotherhood-Vigil (OBV) sets prior to the ban. It looks like Catawba Lodge 459 will be the first to bring it back. Their new flap will be issued at the upcoming Spring Fellowship. A run of 300 of these flaps was produced for this series. At this time there is not a Brotherhood flap to go with the Vigil.

So it will be interesting to see if other lodges follow suit in the coming months...

Thanks to Brian Sweeney for sharing the information!