Catawba Lodge Ceremony Ring Dedication Ceremony

History of the Ceremony Ring_Page_1Sometime during 2001, expansion of the Webelos area of Clear Creek Scout Camp (now known as Belk Scout Camp) forced the Lodge to consider the relocation of our ceremonial ring. Working with the Camp Ranger and members of the council properties committee, a new location for our ring was selected. It was determined that if the lodge was to be an integral part of the council program, and camping traditions were to be established, a significant effort would be required to build this special place

During the 2002 Lodge Strategic Planning Conference, the lodge officers were taken to the site of the proposed new ring and asked to develop a vision of what could be. They imagined a ring large enough to seat over 200 Brothers, a raised fire ring, an entrance way, a bridge over the creek, an access for physically disabled Brothers, and a changing area for the ceremonial team.  They imagined a permanent structure that would last as long as Clear Creek Scout Camp, a tradition of camping for future generations of Scouts, a legacy for Catawba Lodge.

This vision was put to paper through the coordinated efforts of the officers, advisers, landscapers, and landscape architects.  Once the vision was crystallized, a way to make it happen began to unfold. The development and sale of the Light House Flap collection provided the financing.  This dream was brought to fruition by the volunteer efforts of Brothers designing the ring and providing project management; Brothers supplying and using personal heavy machinery; donations of construction and landscaping materials; local businesses donating other goods and services; and many Brothers working numerous weekends.  It is estimated that over 4,000 man-hours were worked in 2004 alone.  So many have given so much and a tradition has been established!

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Submitted by Lodge Editor Larry Banks
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Wondering how many sets were made? I know they are hard to come by now.

Greg Grimes - March 25, 2014

400 SETS

LARRY BANKS - March 31, 2014