Cloth Talk 2.0 Episode #6: Organizing Your Patch Collection

In this video Hank Birdsong and Jason Spangler share some tips for how to organize your patch collection.  Both hosts agree that the easiest way to do this is with 3-ring binders.  Jason has been using a system for years that is very easy to put together.  Using materials that you can get from any office supply store he prefers a way to mount the patches on a page that gives him maximum flexibility.

Hank gives an example of a notebook that he used for his son's collection that is based on the PPS system of Brush Creek Trading.  The clever trick here is Hank had created fillers for the missing patches that make the notebook look great.

Screenshot 2014-12-21 09.17.56To wrap up Jason shares a system he has been developing that will allow him to use Boxware frames to create a display.  The idea involved making simple inserts that can hold the collection and be swapped out depending on the event.  For a more detailed video on this idea click Boy Scout Memorabilia Display Idea.

As Hank reminds everyone in the closing minute a great way to drum up interest in Scouting memorabilia is to display your collection as events such as OA fellowships.

Please leave any of your ideas for organizing your collection as comments to this post!