Cloth Talk 2.0 Episode #8: How To Build Up Trading Stock Without Going Broke

In this episode of Cloth Talk 2.0 Hank and Jason share ideas for how you can accumulate Boy Scout memorabilia to use in trades without busting your budget. Jason starts it off by sharing two examples of how he saw an opportunity to purchase extra OA patches at a good price and he invested in that trading stock.

Hank shares a couple of examples that worked out well for him. Sometimes a council or OA lodge may be looking to get rid of some items and if you are prepared you can get a windfall in the form of lots of trading stock for your collection. So his advice is go to your local Scout office and ask them if they have anything in the back that they would like to blow out at a good price.

The other beauty of having lots of trading stock is that you can engage in lots of 1:1 trading and you don't have to be super picky about it. For example if have 100 of the same patch in your stock then it becomes alot easier (and smarter) to just trade that patch 1:1 in the friendship of Scouting and not be real picky about what the other person can offer you. If you turn your 100 of the same into 100 different patches that fit in your goal then you've really played the game well.