Contributing Partners

CarolinaOA Contributing Partners

Any Scout or Scouter is welcome to send in information and become a contributing partner with  The idea for the website is that it's a community effort to share the knowledge and new issues from lodges in SR-5 and SR-7B (mostly North Carolina/South Carolina).  That means if the veteran collector that has everything wants to share that's great and likewise if the 15 year old Chapter Chief who just got back from his OA fellowship wants to share then that's awesome!


Here are the simple guidelines: send the text, and image of the patch, along with your name, profile picture (gotta give you credit!), and lodge to the website editor.  We will then convert your information into a post and get it on the site.


If you are willing to be a serious contributor with some knowledge of how to get around on the web we will also consider giving you a log-in so you can became an author on the site and create the posts yourself.  Again contact the editor if that sounds like something you want to do.