Croatan Fundraiser Flaps For A Reverent Cause

At the recent Ordeal, Croatan Lodge issued two Fundraiser Flaps to raise money to build a new Chapel. The Chapel at Camp Boddie was destroyed a couple years ago in a Hurricane. There are two issues. There are 200 Flaps with a Purple Mylar Border and there are 500 Flaps with a standard Purple Border. These flaps are also the first flaps issued by Croatan Lodge denoting the OA Anniversary.

croatan lodge 117 100th anniversary flaps

Submitted by Lodge Editor Wayne Miller
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Where would one buy these? Or can they be bought?

Richard - September 24, 2014

Please let me know how to order the fundraiser flaps.
Thank you!

Mark Yuasa - September 24, 2014

How can we buy these since not a 117 member. Would like to know price etc.

Nick Loesch - September 24, 2014

Would love to purchase one or both patches for your fundraiser! Please contact me! WWW

Julus Pahl - September 24, 2014

If you would like a set, I will do what I can to get it for you at the October Fall Fellowship. Send me a Check Made Out to Croatan Lodge for $15. Please include an address to mail them back to you.

My address is:
Wayne Miller
PO Box 36454
Rock Hill, SC 29732

Wayne Miller - September 24, 2014

Would it be ok to just send cash or send you money though paypal?


Richard - September 24, 2014