Croatan Lodge 117 History – the 1940’s

One Lodge member attended the 13th National Lodge Meeting In 1940 held at Camp Twin Echo in Ligonier, Pennsylvania. 615 Arrowmen attended representing 64 Lodges celebrating the 25th anniversary of the Order. The North Carolina Lodges were assigned to the Area H designation. The Area was changed to I in 1942.

Camp Charles opened again in 1949. Bill Wall, on the Council Executive Staff, led the revitalization of the Lodge in 1949. Bill Wall served as the Lodge Staff Adviser from 1949 until 1952. Two youths important at that time were the Murrell brothers. Stratton and Vann Murrell were on the waterfront staff at Camp Charles working with water activities. The Murrell brothers had been Lone Scouts in the Tuscarora Council and were charter members of the Nayawin Rar Lodge #296 of the Order of the Arrow. They both were also members of the Kunieh Lodge, which was a Boy Scout honor organization with an Indian theme. The Kunieh Lodge was a lot like the OA but it was not officially accepted as a national program.

Traditionally the youth members of a lodge annually elect youth leaders under 21 to serve them. The lodge chief and his officers carry out the lodge program during the year. Stratton Murrell became the first known Lodge Chief of Croatan Lodge in 1949 and continued as Chief in 1950. He became the first Medicine Man of the Decree Team. During the first few years of the Degree Team Stratton made all of the Indian costumes. It is interesting to note that Stratton later became a real medicine man, an eye specialist. Vann and Stratton were from Jacksonville. Stratton was the first Eagle Scout in Onslow County. Van received Eagle a year later.

Submitted by Lodge Editor Wayne Miller
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