Croatan Lodge 117 Service Flap Changes

117s81At the 2013 Fall Fellowship, the Lodge youth voted to approve an amendment to the Lodge By-Laws regarding the Service Flap (Red Border Attached). Croatan will no longer be using Service Hours for eligibility to purchase a Flap. To eliminate the uncertainty and validity of Service Cards, Croatan will now have a Single Lodge Flap that can be purchased at each event attended, one per person. This will give each member the opportunity to purchase a maximum of 7 Flaps/year (3 Ordeals, 1 Fall Fellowship, 1 Banquet, 1 Lodge Workday, & 1 Chapter Workday). Lodge members will be given through the end of 2014 to use their existing Service Hours to purchase the Service Flap. Whatever Service Flaps are left over at the end of 2014 will be modified in some way and will be used as a Trader Flap until sold out.

Submitted by Lodge Editor Wayne Miller
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