Eswau Huppeday 50th Anniversary Memorabilia

eswau-huppeday-50-yearsI have an updated list of memorabilia that will be issued for our 50th anniversary.

We will issue a set of 3 woven flaps, they will be our first woven issues. W1 will be the S1; W2 will be the pink issue; W3 will be S24, the idea is to depict a special flap that had significant changes over our 50 years.

We will also issue a gold ghost flap that will have 8 different colors of gold or yellow thread.

A regular 50th anniversary flap, a Dixie Fellowship flap,

50th anniversary sash patch

50th anniversary 4" pocket patch

50th anniversary Jacket patch

50th anniversary neckerchief

2014 set of 3 event patches, Spring fellowship; Fall fellowship; Winter banquet

Contributed by Lodge Editor David Barger
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