First Ever Dixie Fellowship Mug Issued in 1965

dix65mugOne of the pieces of memorabilia that Dixie Fellowship collectors have been picking up for almost fifty years now is a coffee mug.  You might be surprised to know that Dixie mugs actually can claim a longer run that the more popular neckerchiefs.  It all started in 1965 when Santee Lodge 116 hosted the Dixie at Camp Coker.  That year saw a slew of first including first mug, neckerchief and staff item.  However, the very next year there was no neckerchief issued which gives the mug a slightly longer run.  The first Dixie mug was the only to have golden writing certainly to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Order of the Arrow in 1965.  Today this mug is incredibly hard to find and is one of those pieces that is just never available on eBay or in any other TOR or market.  You might call this the "Holy Grail" of Dixie Mugs (no pun intended!).

Contributed by Webmaster Jason Spangler
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