iLead…What’s that?

Ilead patch blueItibap has recently put out a lot of color variations of the new standard beaver flap. The most sought out for is the I-Lead trained light blue flap. Now many may be thinking what is the significance of the flap and why were only 100 made? The I-lead conference was Itibap’s idea of changing a regular boring LLD into something more exciting that more members can attend. The LLD’s of years past have been pretty small in attendance and it seems that when a new Arrowmen or anyone not involved in planning of lodge events sees the name “Lodge Leadership Development” they write it off as something that they don’t have to attend. Changing the name and giving it a new twist with fun games and leadership exercises makes it more appealing for more attendance and for new lodge leaders to step up. 100 flaps were made specifically and only for the conference and with only 35 or so members in attendance there was no need for any more. With a larger attendance expected for next year’s conference you can expect more flaps to be made! As of now the second annual I-lead conference is under wraps and should include a new (awesomely colored I might add) new flap to add to your collection!

Ilead patch black

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