Klahican Lodge 331 Cardinal Conclave Host Issues for 2014

Klahican Lodge 331 will host the 2014 SR7B Conclave at Camp Bowers the weekend of April 25-27.  The conclave is expected to bring over 1,000 Arrowmen to White Oak, North Carolina.  In a stroke of luck for patch hounds the neighboring council and lodge are hosting the 2014 Dixie Fellowship just under two hours drive away at Camp Coker in Society Hill, SC.  I know some collectors will be driving the backroads of the Pee Dee to get some trading in at both events.

Klahican has issued it's host items including two different jacket patches and three work day flaps.  Bob Walton had them for sale at the Easley, SC TOR and this is where I picked them up.  Each of the flaps is being issued for a separate work day leading up to the conclave.  According to Bob there is no distinction between the red and orange border jacket patches.


Red Border Host Jacket Patch

Red Border Host Jacket Patch


Orange Border Host Jacket Patch


All Three Work Day Flaps

Submitted by Webmaster Jason Spangler
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