Klahican Memorabilia Guide Online – Michael Ryan Author

Another lodge has a free online memorabilia guide available to help collectors dive in deep. I've had this particular book on my shelf for many years since I spent 18 years living in the footprint of the Cape Fear Council. Michael Ryan first introduced this book as a three hole punch all color book several years ago. Now he has updated the book and is sharing it online as a free PDF.

There are several great things that Michael has done in this book. One is that the scans are actual size and very high quality. So it's very easy to see details and make a positive identification. I also like the formatting which combines the standard Blue Book data with a more thorough description. But my favorite detail has to be the history that he includes with each issue. Michael shares for example when the patch came out and how it fit in with what was happening in the lodge. For example, read the write up he gives about the 1981 prototype flaps and you will learn something (I know I did!).

My hope is for each lodge to develop a book like this and share it freely. Many lodges have already and I've got them linked in different posts on this site. (hmmm maybe needs to be a master page for that!). Thanks to Brett Warner Klahican is also up on Patch Vault. These resources make it so easy to know what you've got and maybe more importantly what you need for your collection.