Muscogee Lodge 221 R2 On The N/C – Little Brother Can Pack a Big Punch!

photo courtesy of Jason Shull

photo courtesy of Jason Shull

I previously wrote about Muscogee’s first issue, the 5-inch Round (R1) that was issued with the materials to be sewn onto a neckerchief. Shortly after the issue of the R1 came its little brother, the 3-inch Round (R2). These have a similar design only smaller in size, and are found both on and off a neckerchief. It was thought at one time that leftover material from the R1 neckerchiefs was used for the R2 neckerchiefs, but in talking with several collectors the R2 neckerchiefs appear to all be on cloth rather than silk like the R1 neckerchiefs, additionally the red ribbon is also made of cloth rather than silk. I do not know much else about the issuance of the R2, but do know that in my twenty plus years of collecting I have seen more R1s on the neckerchief be made available than R2s on the neckerchief. While not “official” Blue Book issues (meaning they are not categorized as neckerchiefs, only rounds), most die-hard collectors of Muscogee do not consider it a full collection without the R1 and R2 both on and off their respective neckerchiefs. There is currently an R2 listed on eBay that has gathered some early attention in the bidding with what seems to be a battle going on between two main bidders, one of which I know needs the piece for their collection.

Submitted by Lodge Editor Greg McDaniel
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As the owner of this fore mentioned R2 221 neckerchief, it is a white cloth neckerchief with a 1/2 inch red cloth “ribbon” sewn on top of the white cloth. it is sewn on the two short sides. It looks to have been factory made as the stitches are uniform. The patch is also factory sewn as the stitches are uniform.

Good Luck to all bidders. I know it will be going to a great home in the south!!!


James Gottshall
Ajapeu 33

James Gottshall - December 15, 2013