Muscogee Lodge Deja Vu

Sometimes when seeing a patch you have that déjà vu experience and you think to yourself, “Where have I seen that before?” Here are a few from Muscogee that conjure up that feeling. (Images are courtesy of Jason Shull unless otherwise noted)

A couple of patches are based on this design

A couple of patches are based on this design

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The 1985 Spring Fellowship patch was based on the 1959 Camp Barstow patch.

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The 2003 Fall was based on the 1932 Camp Barstow patch.

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The original design is from the 1970 Area 6C conference held at Camp Barstow.  This led to two other designs.

deja vu_Page_08

deja vu_Page_09

deja vu2_Page_10











This design simply is wrapped around another classic Camp Barstow Patch.

deja vu_Page_11

These are only some of the designs that have been copied or incorporated; Muscogee also reused the designs of their first three fellowship patches in 2002 during their 60th anniversary. The lodge has also taken flap designs and morphed them into fellowship patches; this is the case with the S-20 50th Anniversary flap and the 1999 Fall Fellowship and also with the S-24 1998 NOAC flap and the 1998 Summer Fellowship. Additionally, there is usually that déjà vu when seeing patches from other lodges with the same totem. For instance, Pellissippi Lodge 230 uses some of the same foxes in their designs; but sometimes other lodges like your design so much that they make minor changes and use it for one of their own. Here’s an example:

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Contributed by Lodge Editor Greg McDaniel
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