Mystery Solved! 1962 6A Fellowship Neckerchief Clone

Here is some background on a piece that has always gotten a lot of attention for North Carolina Conclave collectors, and a little more information that helps to shed light on why it was issued.

FullSizeRenderIn 1962, Wahissa Lodge Hosted the Area 6-A Fellowship at Camp Raven Knob. In addition to the patch, a light green neckerchief with a full color side profile of an Indian chief was issued. There is no date, but the words “Area 6A Fellowship” are screen printed across the top.

Around the same time, an Old Hickory Council troop based in Lewisville issued a similar neckerchief. The design is substantially the same, except “Lewisville, N.C.” appears above the Chief, and the words “Troop 752” and “Service” appear below.

Many have hypothesized that this neckerchief was issued in conjunction with the 1962 6A Fellowship, but according to scouts who were in the troop at the time, that is not the case. A Scouter recalls that this neckerchief was given to any scout in the troop who completed a certain number of service hours above what was required for rank advancement. Until earning one of these service neckerchiefs, scouts in the troop wore a standard red BSA neckerchief. The green neckerchiefs were an incentive for scouts doing more service projects and being more active in Troop 752.

So, despite having similar designs, and despite speculation that Troop 752 issued these neckerchiefs in conjunction with the 1962 6A Fellowship, that does not appear to be the case. This is still a very tough troop neckerchief to collect, and is neat to display alongside the 1962 6A Fellowship neckerchief.

6a troop

Submitted by Wahissa Lodge Brother Homer Dearmin
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