Nayawin Rar 296 Chartered in 1945 – Lodge History

Original 296 OA Lodge Application to national_Page_2The First Induction. Since we were a new lodge with no O.A. members who have been through an O.A. ceremony, we needed help. June of 1945. Lodges in Wilson and Raleigh were inactive (per Mr. Wolff's notes) therefore, Mr. Wolff asked some of his friends from the western part of the state (Central N.C. Council) for help. Mr. Gerry Ashwill, Scout Executive in Concord, NC brought four members from Iti Bapishe Iti Hollo Lodge #188 to perform the first induction ceremony on June 2nd. The Lodge was off to a good start with several former Ku-ni-eh members, new inductees, and a great advisor in Bob Wolff.


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Contributed by Lodge Editor Wesley Drennan
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