Nayawin Rar 296 Lodge Building Fund Patch

296 fundraiser patchThe Lodge had a new fundraising patch that was put on sale Saturday morning of the Winter Fun Fellowship, The Lodge Building Fund Patch.  This was a Solid patch that had the look of a 2 piece set, but was not. It is listed as X7. Proceeds from the sale will be going to the renovation of the OA Building at Camp Tuscarora. There were 297 of these patches made, and each of them was individually numbered, 1-296 and #331. I was also informed during the weekend that there was ONE of these patches that did not have any number on it at all. I guess you could say this was number zero and would make the total production 298. The Section lodge numbers were pulled and are to be donated to the 2014 SR7B Conclave Patch Auction in April. Those numbers were: 70, 104, 117, 118 and 331. Number 296 will be held by the lodge and be placed in the OA Lodge Building. Number 1 was auctioned off Saturday evening during the Banquet. Also, Scoutmaster’s in the council had the chance to pre-purchase their Troop numbered patch. To start the sale of the “LBF” patches a random number was chosen and the sale of the patches started at that number. The number chosen was 137. If you wanted a specific number, and wanted to pay a higher price, you could pick a number if it had not already been purchased.

Submitted by Lodge Editor Wesley Drennan
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Out of curiosity, what did number one auction for?

Charlie - March 15, 2014