New Muscogee 221 Ceremonies Patch In The Works

elangomatpatchlargeAt the recent Fall Fellowship it was decided to issue patches in recognition of an Arrowman’s participation in ceremonies. The idea comes from the current Elangomat round that can be purchased, one per person, by those serving in that position at Ordeals. The discussion allowed for patches to be made for Ordeal, Brotherhood, and Vigil participation and for those to be available to both youth and adults.

(photo is of current Elangomat round)

Contributed by Lodge Editor Greg McDaniel
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The lodge executive committee voted to move this motion back to a business meeting to discuss the idea of one patch for all ceremonies or one for each ceremony. This will be voted on at the next lodge business meeting just prior to the 2014 winter banquet. The patch with have the word “ceremonies” at the bottom of the patch where the word “elangomat” is. Different color borders will distinguish the ordeal, brotherhood, and vigil ceremonies from each other.

Josiah Peeler - November 26, 2013

This article did not mention the possible reinstatement of the ceremonies chenille (ZC1?) There will be minor changes to the design of the patch to distinguish it from the older model. The requirements for this patch are very hard and will take dedicated ceremonies team members at least three years to earn. The idea behind this patch was to reward the efforts and dedication from long time ceremonies team members. The requirements for the elangomat style ceremonies patches are to memorize and perform a ceremony to the satisfaction of the ceremonies chairman and adviser. If the lodge votes for a patch for each ceremonies the border color will distinguished them. Brown or orange for ordeal, red for brotherhood, and silver for vigil. The color of the border has not been decided if the lodge votes to have one ceremonies patch to cover all of the ceremonies instead of one for each.

Josiah Peeler - November 26, 2013

I want to personally thank Josiah Peeler for giving us the behind the scenes news from Muscogee Lodge 221. Many of us collect the red foxes and this information is much appreciated. Thanks for sharing.

Jason Spangler - November 26, 2013

what are the adult requirements?

Jeffrey Cook - November 27, 2013

Adult requirements for the round ceremonies patch are: help a youth memorize a principle’s lines for the ceremony. Help set up the ceremonies ring and prepare for the ceremony. Advise the team after the ceremony. Must be approved by the ceremonies chairman.
Requirements for the chenille are still being discussed. I will post the full requirements after the vote in late January.

Josiah Peeler - November 27, 2013