Occoneechee 104 News for February 2014 – New Issues!

The Occoneechee Lodge LEC met the last Sunday in January and approved a few new programs that include patches.

The first program approved was the Occoneechee Lodge Eagle Scout. Occoneechee Lodge 104 youth members earning the rank of Eagle after May 15th will be given a congratulatory Lodge 104 Eagle Scout flap upon completing an application to the lodge. They may purchase additional flaps in the Lodge Trading Post. There are NO restrictions on the flaps, meaning anyone can purchase the flaps at a set price from the Trading Post. These flaps will be available in May 2014 at Spring Inductions.

The second program approved replaces the former Gold Pass program that was eliminated at this past years LLD due to the elimination of the Lodge’s Winter Banquet. The new program is the “All Events” program. Under this program, a member that pays for all of the Lodge’s events at or before Pow-Wow will receive a special patch. The patch that was approved is a flap with a cutout in it and an additional year patch that snaps onto the back of the flap. The wheel patch snapped onto the flap will have the various events on it that can be dialed in to the specific event at the time. This is similar in design concept to the Lodge’s 50-miler challenge event patches for 2013. The new All Events set will also be issued at Spring Inductions.

With the approval of the All Events patch, Occoneechee has once again crossed the established guidelines for a “What is it” patch. Our interpretation is that since these patches are made as a set, and the wheel patch is definitely an event patch attached to the flap, the flap is thus an event flap and they will be considered by the Lodge as eS2014-2 and eR2014-3 as the stand alone event patch for Pow-Wow will be the eX2014-1.  A new event wheel will be issued annually and there is the possibility that color changes may occur on the flap to keep interest up in the program.

I’d love to hear your comments as to what you think the All Events set is….event patches or “S” and “R” designations.

Submitted by Lodge Editor Greg Grimes
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