Occoneechee Lodge 104 5-Patch CSP Set Debuts at Fall Fellowship

ORG PromoOcconeechee Lodge 104 is now only 2-weeks out from our Fall Fellowship (Sept. 20-22) which means the release of the Lodge's first monochromatic CSP (X70). This will be the first in a series of 5 new odd shapes from the Lodge. The neon orange border will be released first, followed by a purple monochromatic version at Winter Banquet in December, a blue one at 2014 Pow-Wow, a green one at 2014 Spring Inductions and for the grand-finale, a full color version at next year's Fall Fellowship. There were 500 made of each color scheme. Proceeds from these will go to the Charley Sullivan Training Center to be used for on-going projects.

 This neon CSP patch series was designed by lodge member Matt Price. He tells us that his inspiration for the patch came to him while doodling on a conference call. The background of the patch is from a photograph that was taken while at the 2013 SR-7B Conclave fireworks show...thus the fireworks burst in the background. Matt's original concept image had the lodge's "regular" rounded thunderbird totem on it however since the proceeds were to be used for the Sullivan Center, the Lodge Chief suggested that the thunderbird be changed to the stained-glass artwork version that is displayed in the Charley Sullivan Training Center.

 I cannot help but wonder what nickname this CSP series will take on since the monochromatic flap series has already been dubbed by lodge members as the "Skittles" flaps.

Submitted by Lodge Editor Greg Grimes
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