Occoneechee Lodge 104 Fall 2014 Patch News

The Occoneechee Lodge’s Executive Committee created a new event last year at LLD. The new event is called Fall Gathering & Banquet and was held at Camp Durant on October 17-19. Since ordeals are now conducted during Pow-Wow, Fall Gathering and Banquet was created to replace the once ordeal free Pow-Wow event with some fun and a little service. Winter Banquet was also moved up in the year to free up the memberships December schedule.

The event was scheduled on the same weekend as Vigil Gathering so this is now a 3-event weekend for some of the Lodge’s membership.


Two event patches were issued for the weekend. The Fall Gathering & Banquet patch features a Cardinal and the Vigil Gathering patch features a Great Horned Owl. These are the last two “bird series” patches for the year.

Vigil medal for Carolina OA
The Vigil Committee kicked off 2015 early issuing a very cool 1915 - 2015 Vigil Medal that can be worn around the neck. Those in attendance were able to purchase this piece of 104 memorabilia. There were 200 made.

Submitted by Lodge Editor Greg Grimes
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