Occoneechee Tall Tales: The “Micro” Story

Seeing the Occoneechee Lodge S9 recently sold on eBay reminded me of a story told to me by Johnny Pleasants some years back now. The Occoneechee Lodge S9 flap was the first over-seas embroidery flap of the Lodge. Apparently, there was confusion when the measurements were converted from inches to millimeters thus the smaller size and the naming of the flap by lodge members as the “Micro.” The Lodge members did not like the looks of these smaller flaps so they were distributed to the new Ordeal members at an ordeal event around 1980. Since there are a lot of sash and dash folks with each ordeal, these coveted flaps are now few and far between. The S-9 is usually one of the last flaps to be acquired when collecting the Lodge’s flaps due to their scarcity.

Occoneechee Lodge 104 S9 Flap
A good place to start looking for one of these scarce flaps is the Occoneechee Trade-O-Ree coming up at Camp Durant on August 22-23. See if you are lucky enough to find one.

Submitted by Lodge Editor Greg Grimes
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1980 Spring Inductions.

Josh carpenter - September 11, 2014

I sold one of these years ago on ebay. I had no clue what it was. I started the listing at around $2. I bought a collection for $500 one of these were in it. It ended up selling for $1175. When it sold I thought for sure it was a mistake and even asked the buyer if he meant to bid that high or did he hit too many numbers. I over nighted FedEx it to him the next day. Still my best Ebay sale of all time.

Brian Dalton - September 11, 2014