Santee 116 Centennial Issues Are Out!

Just came back from Camp Coker and the Santee Lodge 116 Summer Fellowship.  Numerous patches were issued and I thought I'd post here on an update for the collecting community.  I will use Blue Book issue #s only as a suggestion as these are what I would assign them in order of issue.


S45 - OA Centennial Flap  This is the OA Centennial issue for the lodge.  It was approved at the 2014 Fall Fellowship at the same time that the OA Centennial fellowship set was approved.  The youth liked the design so well that they spontaneously made a motion to use this design to produce both an OA Centennial flap and jacket patch.  The lodge produced 300 of these and they were being sold 3 per person at the event.


J5 - OA Centennial Jacket Patch  This patch takes the activity set approved for the entire anniversary year and turns it into one connected 15" wide jacket patch.  If you look closely you will notice that the patch features 5 different FDLs which are also found on the individual pieces of the activity set.  This is a massive patch!  At this time I do not know exactly how many were produced.  I suspect it was in the neighborhood of 200-300 and will hope for confirmation soon.


J6 - Classic Arrowhead Jacket Patch  This design was issued at the Summer Fellowship and is an 8" tall replica of the original first patch issued by the lodge in 1955.  Although issued during the OA anniversary it does not have any wording or logos that expressly celebrate that event.  At this time I do not know how many were produced but suspect it was in the 200-300 range.


eX2015-3 OA Week Centennial Patch  This is the 3rd patch issued in a 5 patch set to commemorate the OA Centennial.  Each of the patches fits together to make the full design and feature ghosted writing of the event name.  It just so happens that this issue also has the OA Centennial logo.  The lodge produced 300 of these patches.  OA week is a unique event to Santee Lodge.  It is an entire week of camp just for OA members that includes merit badge instruction, unique activities and culminates in a outdoor Indian drama performed by the Arrowmen on Friday night. The lodge Summer Fellowship begins after the pageant which this year fell on the weekend of July 24-26.


eX2015-4 Summer Fellowship Centennial Patch  Although it is the center patch this is the 4th patch issued in the 5 patch set issued by the lodge to celebrate the OA Centennial.  Because this is the center patch it is actually massive for an activity patch.  This patch is 7" tall!  However, it does come with a button loop so you could put it on if you were brave.  The lodge produced 300 of these patches.  The final patch in the puzzle will come out for Fall Fellowship in October.


S46 + X17 2015 NOAC Trader Set  Although this will be designated at the trader set I don't know if you will see many of these at NOAC.  The lodge produced 300 of each patch and they were sold 2 per person at the Summer Fellowship.  It is assumed that contingent members will have additional opportunities to purchase the stock that is remaining after Summer Fellowship.


S47 + X18 2015 NOAC Delegate Set  The lodge produced 200 of each patch and they were sold 1 per person at the Summer Fellowship.  It is assumed that contingent members will be allowed to purchase additional sets at NOAC.

Submitted by Webmaster Jason Spangler