Santee Centennial Set Rolls Out For the OA Birthday

To celebrate the 100th anniversary of the Order of the Arrow Santee 116 is issuing an activity patch set.  Although the first event in the set happened in January the patches were not ready.  However, they were sold at the recent Spring Fellowship and the lodge store adviser was kind enough to bring out the entire set so it could be photographed.

santee 100th anniv set

2015-03-21 14.27.54The design was a collaboration with myself and our go-to designer Todd Knaparek from Tsali.  I give credit to Eswau Huppeday for the inspiration for this set.  Back in the 1980s they had a fellowship set that when put together formed a lodge flap.  Todd and I worked on that idea and came up with a 5-piece nearly 15 inch across set.  The individual patches have the event name and fdl ghosted into the design.  Admittedly the design makes the center patch (Summer Fellowship) obscenely large to wear on a uniform.  However, when you put them all together it rocks.

There are only 300 sets made by the lodge.  Initially at Winter Banquet there was a restriction placed on how many a brother could pre-order.  (4 I think?)  At the Spring Fellowship there was not a limit due to a small turnout and the extra Winter Banquet patches were available Sunday morning for those who stuck around.  The final pieces in the set will be OA Week, Summer Fellowship and Fall Fellowship.  So it will be October 2015 before anyone has a full set of these.

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