Santee Gets In The Centennial Spirit

Santee Lodge has approved a couple OA Centennial issues which will be available in 2015. All of these designs were drawn by Vigil Honor brother Todd Knaperek of Tsali Lodge.

As noted in an earlier post the lodge is doing a 5-patch set for the lodge events in 2015. At the 2014 Fall Fellowship this design concept was so popular that from the floor the motion was made to make it into a single flap as well. So coming up in 2015 you will brothers of Santee wearing this pretty Centennial flap on their uniforms.
santee annivesary flap stand alone design

The lodge is also going to make two different issues out of the same design. To honor the very first lodge patch - the 1954 "Arrowhead" the ECM has voted to make a first ever chenille patch. The same design will also be used for a jacket patch with a black felt background similar to the original arrowhead.  In this design the fleur-de-lis should come out ghosted.

a1 replica design

This is not the end for Santee centennial issues either.  The ECM has one more jacket patch to consider at it's December meeting so stay tuned!

Submitted by Webmaster Jason Spangler
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