Santee Is Splitting Up For The Centennial

For the OA Centennial Santee is going to have a fellowship set for the third year in a row.  In a typical year the lodge has five events that patches are issued for.  So for 2015 the five patches are going to fit together and make an approximate 15" wide set.  The idea for this actually came from something that Eswau Huppeday did back in the 1980s.  The design for the Santee set was drawn by Todd Knaperek.

The set will kick off with the Winter Banquet in Florence, SC in January.  The Spring Fellowship is slated for the weekend of March 20-22.  In the summer the lodge holds an OA Week that is capped off by the weekend of Summer Fellowship on July 24-26.  Finally the Fall Fellowship is the weekend is typically the last weekend in October or thereabouts.

fellowship set with ghosted text for events

not a design to make - error but shows how the set fits together

not a design to make - error but shows how the set fits together

These are not the only activity issues the lodge will be making.  In April the lodge will have a patch made for the 2015 Dixie Fellowship at Belk Scout Camp.  There's always a chance that something will be issued for the lodge work day in June.  Also with NOAC on the schedule for August expect to see a two-piece set issued for that event.

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