Santee Lodge 116 Brings Back The O-B-V

At the 2017 Fall Fellowship old blue is back at Camp Coker. After the National OA rescinded their outright ban on lodges making Ordeal-Brotherhood-Vigil flaps (now they just strongly discourage it) several lodges in the area are going back and reissuing sets. Catawba Lodge 459 was probably the first in the area to do this and gave their neighbors in South Carolina the idea to press ahead.

The youth voted on designs earlier in the year and the finished patches are going to be sold for the first time at Fall Fellowship. The lodge ordered 750 of each design (so I've been told) so you gotta figure they will be around for a while. The rule that the youth put in place is that a brother can purchase 2 per year with a max of 10 per life. So one would assume that the lifespan of this design is about 5 years before somebody will be itching to change it. The flaps were designed by Jason Spangler and Todd Knaperek.

The other interesting development here is that the lodge is keeping the standard flap. This white background flap from the holdover design is still being sold 1 per event. We don't burn patches in Florence, SC so those flaps will around at least until the current stock runs out.

To clarify Santee Lodge will continue to have their standard flap patch along with the OBV flaps, when our current supply of standard flaps are depleted we will order more.

Phil Bethune - October 6, 2017