Santee Lodge Event Patch Sets 2017-2021

For nearly a decade (starting in 2013) Santee Lodge has issued themed event sets for all event patches. Because of the way patch companies produce patches this usually means the lodge orders the sets at the beginning of the year (typically 300 of each) and they are sold during the year. Ironically this has meant that it's the Winter Banquet patch that becomes hard to find at the end of the year when people are trying to complete their set. My guess is that maybe 15% of the people who are registered attendees at the banquet are not active Scouters (spouses etc) and those patches just don't get back into circulation. In the last couple of years as a perk for Parakeet Pass holders (pay 1 fee to be registered for all events) they can order a complete set at the beginning of they year.  This tradition of creating event sets makes for some funky individual pieces but the completed sets are a huge favorite among lodge brothers.

Designer: Tim Hellaby II

Designer: Nathan Kohler

Designer: Tim Hellaby II

Designer: Jason Spangler & Todd Knaperek

Designer: Kyle Hughes