Skyuka Lodge 100 percent Brotherhood Conversion

Skyuka Lodge 100 percent Brotherhood Conversion

This was originally shared by Brad Hutto to John Pannell on the blog.

Skyuka lodge has issued a rather unusual flap that I expect will be hard for collectors to obtain. This is their new 100% Brotherhood Conversion flap.

Brad reports that this flap is earned if 100% of a troop’s elected OA candidates become Brotherhood members within a year of their tap-out as candidates. I question whether this is accurate. In the best of conditions this would give a Scout only two months to become a Brotherhood member, as he must first be an Ordeal member for ten months. This doesn’t sound correct to me. Perhaps someone can set me straight on this.

I wasn’t told who would get the flap if the requirements were met. Does it go to all the OA members in that 100% Brotherhood Conversion troop. Again, does someone know the full story about this piece?