The Battle of Guilford Courthouse Historic Trail

For over 30 years the Order of the Arrow lodge in Greensboro, NC has sponsored a historic trail.  On March 15, 1781 American troops and militia under the leadership of General Nathanael Greene fought British forces led by General Cornwallis in the Battle of Guilford Courthouse. Two hundred years later on February 6, 1981 Tali Taktaki Lodge dedicated the Battle of Guilford Courthouse Historic Trail.

The trail starts at a nearby lake and continues to the Visitor Center of this National Military Park.  Hikers search for answers to a questionnaire prepared by the lodge regarding the Revolutionary War battle that took place there.  After watching a historic film on the battle and visiting exhibits Scouts hike through the park seeking more facts.  Upon completing the questionnaire Scouts turn it in to a Park Ranger that approves their answers.  With a signature and approval stamp Scouts are eligible to obtain a special patch or trail medal.

Tali Taktaki Lodge issued a 4” round patch (70 R5).  Following the lodge’s merger in 1991 Keyauwee Lodge issued a similar patch (70 R1).  In 1994 Tsoiotsi Tsogalii Lodge continued the sequence with a slightly different patch design (70 R1).  Each of the patches includes the British flag and a unique flag believed to be carried by the American forces during the battle.

Battle of Guilford Courthouse

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