The Inside Scoop on Occoneechee 104

The Executive Committee of Occoneechee Lodge 104 met at their 2013 Fall Fellowship in late September. Several patch items were brought up for vote at the Sunday morning meeting.

The first item was a motion to make a 2015 Order of the Arrow 100th Anniversary/NOAC fundraiser flap. This is NOT part of the themed set that the Lodge usually does for each NOAC. It is a true fundraiser to offset some of the contingent’s travel expenses. There will actually be two different flaps with the same design; only the border colors will be different. The least expensive one will have a black border. There will be 300 of them produced and they will sell for $10.00 each. The other flap will have a red metallic border; cost $20.00 and 200 will be produced. The motion was approved with one EC member abstaining.

These fundraiser flaps will be released at the Lodge’s 2014 Pow-Wow in March of next year. I predict most of these will be sold out at this first event and I suspect a few of the traders will have them at the SR-7B Conclave the flowing month.

The next item in regard to patches was a motion to make mini OBV sash dangles. These are like the OBV spoof dangles that everyone has seen, but these will have a small thunderbird on the dangle. They are similar in design to the Wagion Lodge 6 mini- sash dangles. The youth loved the idea and the motion was unanimously approved.

Another item with respect to patches was to select a 2014 SR-7B Conclave theme. All I will say is that the theme was selected and a call for submitting designs was issued. The design will be selected at the Lodge’s LLD in November.

The last item that I will report on is a design change to the A-3…Camp Durant Staff Award patch. Apparently, the existing supply of this award patch is in low supply according to the Recognitions Committee. This patch is awarded to Lodge Brothers that worked on Camp Staff. They are presented at the Lodge’s Winter Banquet in December.

Since the existing patch has the MGM Indian head on it, BSA will not allow reproduction of the patch. In the new design, the MGM Indian is replaced with the OA arrowhead. The design will also have a FDL incorporated into the patch, as the existing award patch did not have the FDL. This arrowhead shaped patch will be cataloged as the Lodge’s A11.

Contributed by Lodge Editor Greg Grimes
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