The Toughest Chapter Patch In The State of SC?

Through the years, several chapters of Atta Kulla Kulla Lodge 185 have issued patches and other type of memorabilia. The Southbounders chapter was the first chapter to make a patch within Atta Kulla Kulla.

In 1980, the district was called Greenville South, along with the chapter name.  Per an agreement with the district members and Blue Ridge Council, the name changed to Southbounders District to more reflect its location in southern Greenville County.  The chapter name changed shortly after that to the same the district.  Since the council would not approve funds to make the patches for Southbounders chapter, Jim Worthy, Michael Thompson, and Scott Madding (Chapter Advisor at the time) personally funded the making of these patches. There were 210 patches made and they sold for $3 each in February, 1982. The design was made to have the patches fit underneath the Atta Kulla Kulla lodge flap on the right shirt pocket.  With a orange sky top, blue Mountain outline, and the gold bottom of the compass, this patch revealed much color at the time of design.  It has also been said within the lodge that these patches had errors when made as one of the sunrays around the fleur-de-lis is missing.  The design intent was to also reveal the new name for the chapter from the old name of “Greenville South” to “Southbounders”.

It has been noted that 2 of our oldest AKK members were laid to rest in their Scout uniform with the Southbounders chapter patches on their uniform pockets.  At almost every lodge function, you will hear brothers asking about the availability of one of these patches.  This patch is a very sought after within our lodge as being the first chapter patch ever made.Southbounders Patch

Submitted by Lodge Editor David Hollar
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