Tomo Chi-Chi 119 Dixie Fellowship Early Registration Ghost Patch

Many lodges have yearly themes which have shown through the patches that they make in that given year. Tomo Chi-Chi (119) chose to do that as well, with the theme of ‘Robin Hood’ to start at the Annual Meeting (eX2010?) in the fall, and carrying all the way to our conclave, Dixie (SR5), in the spring with a new theme thought up during the summer. Hence the Robin Hood hat complete with a feather, and the re-curve bow shooting the arrow of our order. The Spring Fellowship patch had this theme as well (eX2011-1?), but with a twist. The current lodge advisor was bestowed Vigil Honor at the previous meeting. At many of the functions, he would bring his troops kettle corn cooker that they used as a fund raiser (and they have a LOT of funds) and whip up several batches on Saturday night. This always went over well with the newly minted Ordeal members. So, his Indian name became “Maker of the Cooked Kettle Corn” (or something to that effect.) This is why there is a cauldron filled with golden popcorn, and the patch is in the shape of a piece of that golden goodness. This golden colored popcorn became gold in the eyes of many of the young Arrowmen. They would almost hoard it, and try to save some for their family back home. The character of this patch was carried over to the conclave patch (X8?). This is a direct copy of the email that I sent the lodge advisor at the time as my thoughts on what the patch for the 2011 Dixie Fellowship should be. (Spelling errors and all) “I'm thinking having robin hood dressed in tights, kind of like peter pan. All in green. A chest of gold at his feet, open, over flowing with golden popcorn (gold mylar thread) huge kernals, so that you know its popcorn. And robin hood with a huge grin, one foot on top of the chest standing like captain morgan.” So, combining the two, the idea for Dixie that year was to have a Robin Hood figure steal “gold” (kettle corn) from the “rich” (members of Tomo) and give it to the “poor” (members of other lodges) in hopes of buying their vote for the Spirit Award. Another patch goes in this set (X7?). This was the second year that Tomo had done a ghosted version of the patch given out to the first 50 people that registered for Dixie as an encouragement to the young and old Arrowmen alike to not wait to the last minute.

X7 X8

Submitted by Alan McDonald
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