Toughest AKK Flap To Get – Only 100 Made

Atta Kulla Kulla 2000 NOAC Delegate

Most of the flaps produced over the years by Atta Kulla Kulla are easy to find. This is a great thing if you are attempting to collect our flaps. It makes completing an Atta Kulla Kulla flap collection very attainable. The one exception to this is our 2000 NOAC delegate flap.

This flap takes our standard flap, which has been unchanged in design since 1957, and modifies it for the event. It adds NOAC in red, UT 2000 in orange, and the whippoorwill is wearing an orange helmet with a white T. The border is an alternating orange and white. This remains the only flap the lodge has produced with a multi-colored border.
There is a good reason that this flap is so difficult to obtain. There were 100 produced, and all of them went to the 9 NOAC delegates the lodge had that year. There have been a few of the patches pop up for sale in the last few years. When one does become available, there is usually a bidding war between the people that still need one for their collection. One was donated to the lodge auction a few years ago, and the bidding in the dining hall at Camp Old Indian was intense that night.

While this flap might not have the value that flaps from other lodges have, it can be extremely difficult to track down. I was able to get mine from a delegate from the 2000 NOAC that had an extra several years ago. At most lodge fellowships, there will be multiple people asking if anybody has one for trade.

Submitted by Josh Ammons

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I have been a life member of lodge 185 since 1990, and a dealer in boy scout memorabilia since the 1970’s. Yes, this patch is hard to come by. What made it worse is that in 2000 the NOAC had a rule that there was supposed to be at least 2 boys for each adult registered from a lodge attending the noac. So, by the time you include the lodge advisor, dance team and ceremonies advisors to lead the contingent of 6 boys, there were no more adult spots left for any other adults.

I missed 3 NOAC’s as a regular participant of our lodge because of this rule. I signed up to work the noac as a staff member and was accepted because of a bunch of friends in the OA.

Chris Jensen - September 13, 2020

Yeah Chris, I have never been to a NOAC. I was offered a spot a few weeks before the 2018 NOAC when an adult spot opened up but it was to late to make all the plans I needed to to make the trip. 2020 would have been my first NOAC. I was paid up and ready to go before it got cancelled.

Josh Ammons - September 29, 2020