Tsali Exceptional Service Flap

Tsali Lodge pocket flap- S40 “Exceptional Service”

Only 20 of this rare issue exist, all are numbered and have a notarized certificate of authenticity with embossed Tsali Lodge seal.

Flaps were sold originally for $200 each.

This is only the second time that this issue has been offered on eBay. Only two of these rare beauties are known to have escaped the lodge!

The scans show the front of the flap, the back of the flap, and the certificate.

Good luck- this opportunity may not present itself again for a long time!

Sold For!! US $1,655.00

Originally this post was on the Patchblanket Forum from around 2012.  The image in this post was sourced with permission from www.PatchValues.com thanks to Hank Birdsong.