Tsoiotsi Tsogalii Lodge 70 FIRST FLAP

70 s1Tsoiotsi Tsogalii Lodge was formed through merger in the fall of 1994, but the lodge’s first flap (S1) was not issued until April 1995.  The flap was first available to members attending the SR-7 Section Conclave at Tuscarora Scout Reservation.  It features the lodge totem, the Red-tailed Hawk.  The lodge name in Cherokee means “We Three Friends”, referring to the three original lodges that existed in the area for over 50 years – Tali Taktaki Lodge 70, Tsalagi Lodge 163, and Uwharrie Lodge 208.

From the beginning the lodge leadership wanted to establish a standard flap that would be worn by all members and not changed frequently.  The lodge has issued flaps for anniversaries, NOACs, Conclaves and Jamborees, but the S1 is still available, unchanged.

Contributed by Website Editor Rick Horne
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