Valentine’s Day for Tomo Chi-Chi Lodge 119

I was an Assistant Scoutmaster for the Troop that the 2010 Lodge Chief was a scout in. We were sitting around a table discussing what the theme for the next year should be, and I was telling them that with 11 lodges in the section, that many of the ideas that they coming up with (Star Wars, Monty Python, Halloween, Christmas, etc.) had already been done, some multiple times. (How many different Lodges had ‘Duck Dynasty’ as a theme in 2013?) They needed to come up with something that had not been done before, something that no one else would do. Something like… Valentine’s day. When the idea came up, I laughed so hard that I fell out of my chair. This was the first year that Tomo had done a ghosted version of the patch given to the first 50 people who signed up to attend Dixie as an incentive to register early. Well, on time... BRIGHT pink t-shirts were given out, and 75 sets of pink epaulets were made by yours truly.

2010 dixie2010 dixie ghost

Submitted by Lodge Editor Alan McDonald
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