Wahissa Lodge 118 Cook Crew History

Many people across North Carolina have seen a variety of issues from Wahissa Lodge’s Cook Crew. Not all of them are recorded in their entirety on collecting sites we all use. The first Wahissa Cook Crew Issue was from 1975. It has the year date on it and has “Charter Member” on the patch along with Wahissa OA Cook Crew. Every year since 1975 the Wahissa Cook Crew has issued a standard patch except from 1987-2004 when the Old Hickory Council Cook Crew name was used.


1975-1986 You will Find Wahissa Lodge 118 Cook Crew patches.

118d 118c


1987-2004 You will find Old Hickory Council Cook Crew patches.


2005-2014 You will Find Wahissa Lodge 118 Cook Crew patches.


1990, 2005, and 2011 Wahissa Lodge 118 Conclave Cook Crew Patches were issued.

118f 118g 118j

2013 you will find a National Camp School Wahissa Lodge Cook Crew Patch.


The Wahissa Cook Crew over the years has included some of the hardest working members of Wahissa Lodge. From year to year Wahissa Lodge members have the opportunity to work on the Cook Crew in some fashion to earn these patches.

I’ve included some examples to record the changes made over the years to help collectors identify the different issues. You will find various border colors and issues during the same years, this coming from stock running out and new orders and designs being earned mid-year. 1987-2004 for example you will find blue, tan, and grey borders. Most of the early issues were hand written year dates on blank stock then in later years screen printed year dates on blank stock. Whenever the blank stock ran out, a re-order in a new color mid-year can be found. This makes it even harder to explain every variation that has been produced over the years proves almost impossible.

Hope you have enjoyed this little piece of information, happy hunting!

Submitted by Lodge Editor Matt White
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Were the “Old Hickory Council Cook Crew” patches a lodge issue or a council issue?

Greg Grimes - March 31, 2014

Greg, During the OHC Cook Crew years it was a council program.

Matt White - March 31, 2014

Except for the 1990 Conclave issue. That was a lodge issue.

Matt White - March 31, 2014