Wahissa Lodge 118 Current Ceremonies Patch

In 2011 Wahissa issued the last of its R11 ceremonies patches to the youth and adults that earned one during the 2011 year. The Indian Affairs folks started working on a new patch to replace the R11 and came up with a new program to help promote the various areas of Indian Affairs that the lodge participates in each year. The idea was to create a patch with segments that would help encourage youth and adults to try the different areas they would not normally try. So instead of giving out a singular patch, lodge members would have the opportunity to earn 5 different segments that represented the various areas of Indian Affairs.

Wahissa Lodge Ceremonies Patch

Wahissa Lodge Ceremonies Patch

 The patches:

  • R12 Wahissa Ceremonies Center Patch
  • X32 Ceremonies Segment
  • X33 Dance Segment
  • X34 Drum Segment
  • X35 Pow-Wow Segment
  • X36 Wednesday Night Segment

Each patch and segments was earned throughout the year and both youth and adults could earn each award. The Vice-Chief of Indian Affairs keeps up with who participates in each area throughout the year and the patches are presented each year at Wahissa's Annual Banquet held in early November each year. 250 of the R12s were sold at the lodge trading post in 2012 to help pay for the patch incentive program. Another 200 complete sets were made for the incentive program to be given out each year until they run out. 2013 was the second year of this program.

Submitted by Lodge Editor Matt White
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