Wahissa Lodge “Early Registration” 2014 SR7B Conclave Patch

wahissaWahissa lodge once again this year offered members an incentive to sign up early for the 2014 SR-7B Conclave. Many people over the past few years think we have had a "delegate" patch for Conclave, but in truth the only thing we have produced have been early registration patches to get people to sign up early in the year. This year Wahissa will have a "Circus" Theme and the patch goes right along with it. Patch is in the shape of a bowling ball pin and includes Circus animals and themes. These are one per registration and as usual the only thing produced that we know about from the lodge for the 2014 conclave. Conclave delegates will still have some 75th anniversary items to trade this year, some that were not available during the 2013 conclave.

Submitted by Lodge Editor Matt White
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So how many of these Bowling pin patches were made? AND how many delegates signed up before the deadline back in march?

NightHawk Soup - April 29, 2014